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Federal retirees are able to donate to their favorite charities through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) by making a one-time contribution or a recurring gift that is deducted from their retirement annuity. Retirees may donate through the online donor pledging system or through retiree paper pledge forms. Retiree pledge forms can be downloaded and mailed to the CFC Processing Center: CFC Processing Center, P.O. Box 7820 Madison, WI 53707-7820.



I am a retiree. Which payment methods can I use to pledge to the CFC? 

Retirees can pledge using their annuity/retirement pay, credit card, or ACH bank draft. Visit the CFC Donor Pledge System at cfcgiving.opm.gov/welcome to create an account and pledge to the charities of your choice. Personal checks are also accepted if submitted with a paper pledge form available for download at the local zone website.

If a donor makes a CFC payroll deduction, are those contributions taken pre-tax or after-tax? 

While tax deductible, CFC deductions are not pre-tax. Federal law does not allow for charitable donations through payroll deduction (CFC or any other payroll deduction program) to be done pre-tax. Donors who are eligible to itemize charitable contributions on income tax returns may include contributions made through the CFC. Donors should contact a tax advisor for more information.

How are my tax receipts reflected in the CFC Donor Pledge System? 

Your tax receipt reflects your actual contributions by calendar year. You may need additional documentation, such as your credit card or bank statements, or your final Leave and Earnings Statement (LES or "paystub") to substantiate what you actually contributed in each calendar year for your charitable donations. Only one-time gifts made in 2022 are deductible on your 2022 tax return filed by April 15, 2023. Recurring pledges paid in 2022 will not be deductible until you file your 2022 tax return by April 15, 2023. Please review the advice from the Internal Revenue Service and consult with your tax professional.

How can I set up my online donor account? 

Visit CFC Donor Pledge System at cfcgiving.opm.gov/welcome. New users should select the Create an Account tab and follow the prompts provided while filling in the information required to sign up.

Do I need to establish a password? 

Yes. For security purposes, passwords must be 8 characters long and include one uppercase letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character. A verification PIN will be sent to you so you can complete your account set-up.

Why do I need to receive a verification PIN? 

For security purposes, it is important that the user and email account be authenticated. A verification PIN will be sent to the email address provided. Follow the link provided, enter the PIN and continue to follow the site prompts to complete your sign-up process. Please note, the verification PIN will only be valid for 48 hours. If you do not verify your account in this timeframe, you will need to request a new code. Depending on the filters used by your email service, you may experience a delay in receiving your PIN. If you do not receive your PIN at all, creating an account with a different email may allow you to receive your PIN.

I did not get a verification PIN. What should I do? 

Check your spam and junk mail folder. Your agency may quarantine unfamiliar email sources. Depending on the filters used by your email service, you may experience a delay up to 24 hours to receive your PIN. If you do not receive your PIN at all, creating an account with a different email may allow you to receive your PIN.

What pledge methods are available to me? What options are allowed? 

The pledge methods available to you depend on your employment status and whether you are making a recurring or one-time donation. Visit CFC Donor Pledge System at cfcgiving.opm.gov/welcome to create an account and view the payment options available to you.

When will my first contribution be deducted from my annuity? 

The contribution will be deducted following the first pay period which starts after Jan. 15 of the calendar year after the CFC year. For example, the first deduction for pledges made during the 2022 CFC will take place following the first FULL pay period after Jan. 14, 2023.

I am a current CFC donor and would like to continue my pledge into the next year. Do I have to complete a new pledge form? 

Yes. CFC payroll deduction allotments cover the first pay period after the solicitation period ends and ends with the last pay period that begins in that same calendar year. Charities that participate in the CFC must submit a full or partial application demonstrating continued compliance with the CFC regulations. Due to changes in charity participation, donors must complete a new pledge form each year to indicate the charities to which they wish to designate a contribution.

Is it possible to make a one-time gift via credit/debit card? 

Yes, you can fund your pledge with a credit card, debit card or via ACH.

Why isn't my one-time credit/debit card pledge reflected on my statement? 

Although one-time pledges are processed immediately, it may take up to three or four 4 business days to settle from the date the pledge is submitted and can be funded by credit card or bank account.

Can I set up a recurring credit/debit card pledge? 

Yes. Ongoing or recurring giving is processed monthly, starting in the same month after the official solicitation period ends. Recurring giving processed via credit card or bank account will occur monthly. Recurring giving processed by payroll deduction will begin with the user’s first full payroll date following the end of the official solicitation period.

How do I find a charity? 

Select the Pledge Now button. You will be able to search for charities in a variety of ways (e.g. by charity name, EIN, category, location, CFC zone, administrative fundraising rate, volunteer time, FSYP, FSYA and MWR).

How many charities can I pledge to? 

There is no limit to the number of charities you can pledge to.

Is there a limit to how much I can pledge? 

In most cases, there is no maximum contribution limit for your pledge. If you elect annuity deductions as your funding source, your annuity provider may still have a cap on your annual election. In those cases, the system will provide on-screen guidance to indicate the maximum amount that can be pledged. If you wish to donate additional amounts, please contact OPM for instructions.

Can I share my information with charities I've pledged to? 

By default, donations are anonymous unless the “YES, share my information” box is checked. You will be able to specify which parts of your pledge you would like to share with charities. Please note, if you elect to share any piece of your pledge with a charity, your name will be shared automatically.

Can I print my tax receipt? 

Yes. To print tax receipts for the year, select Tax Receipts from your online account management options. Select and click on “Print Tax Receipt” and either save or print a copy for your records. If you elected to give via paper pledge form, please make a personal copy prior to mailing.

How do I cancel my CFC annuity deduction? 

CFC annuity deductions may be cancelled at any time, but this is the only change permitted outside the official solicitation period. In your Online Pledge screen, select and click on “Cancel Balance” at the top right. You will be asked to confirm your cancelation. Select and click on “Yes, cancel pledge” to continue. Cancellation will then be confirmed at the top of the “Your Pledge” screen.

How do I edit my CFC pledge? 

Donors can edit an ongoing pledge at any time during the solicitation period. One-time donations made via ACH or credit/debit card cannot be edited or cancelled as they are processed immediately. After the solicitation period ends, ongoing pledges can be cancelled but not edited. To edit your pledge, log in to your online account and select “Your Pledge” under the account management options. Select “Edit Pledge.” You will receive a notification explaining that once you select the “Edit Pledge” button your pledge must be re-submitted to be completed. Select and click on “Continue With Edit.” This tab will lead you back to the Pledge Page where you can change the payment method & account, update frequency, and redistribute donation percentages.

Can I make two separate one-time pledges during the official solicitation period? 


When did the CFC allow for the solicitation of Federal employees for volunteer time to participating CFC charitable organizations? 

Executive Order 13743 allows Federal employees and members of the uniformed services to make pledges of volunteer time through the CFC in addition to financial contributions. The 2017 CFC was the first year that CFC allowed donors to pledge volunteer time to charitable organizations. Visit CFC Donor Pledge System at cfcgiving.opm.gov/welcome to search for charities that offer volunteer opportunities and pledge time. Unfortunately, Retirees are not eligible to pledge volunteer hours through the CFC at this time.

Are donor contributions received by charities throughout the year? 

Yes. Contributions are administered by the Central Campaign Administrator (CCA). The CCA will disburse funds monthly, starting April 1 immediately following the campaign period.

Can a donor specify on the pledge form that the CFC contribution should be used specifically for the charitable organization's relief efforts as opposed to other ongoing programs of that charitable organization? 

No. Donors may not use the CFC pledge form to direct their contributions to special solicitation efforts. This can lead to confusion and ultimately the CFC does not have the authority to designate that a specific program within an organization is to receive the funds.

Can I give to an organization through the CFC that is not listed in the CFC Charity Lists? 

No. CFC donations are limited to only those charities in the CFC Charity Lists.

The CFC code I used last year to give to an organization cannot be found when searching on the website. Can I still give to that organization? 

While rare, CFC codes may change from year to year, so you may need to find the new code for the organization. When searching, try using the organization's Employer Identification Number (EIN) or its name. If you are still having trouble finding the organization, you may want to verify with the organization that they are still listed in the CFC and if so, what their new CFC code is.

As a retiree, when and/or how can I pledge to this year's campaign? 

Once the Director determines the official solicitation start date, ALL Active and Retired Federal employees can donate to participating charities. The 2020 campaign opens September 21 and closes on January 15.

Who did I pledge to last year? 

If you created an online profile you will be able to access records of your previous year’s pledges by visiting GiveCFC.org and accessing your account.

I am a Federal retiree/annuitant. Can I have my Combined Federal Campaign pledge linked to the CFC zone based on where I currently live? 

As a Federal retiree/annuitant, you can choose to have your pledge dollars linked to the CFC zone in which you currently reside rather than the CFC zone where you most recently worked. You can access your Profile Setting page in the CFC Donor Pledge System to update the ZIP Code.

How is my Combined Federal Campaign pledge linked to a CFC zone? 

When you make a pledge election, your pledge dollars are linked to a CFC zone based on the ZIP Code for your primary work location, which you specified in your user profile. You can access your Profile Setting page in the CFC Donor Pledge System to confirm the ZIP Code listed corresponds to your primary work location.

How can I submit a request/question? 

Please visit the cfcgiving.opm.gov/welcome page and click on Contact Us in the top right-hand corner.



For questions on pledging or pledge processing, contact the Central Campaign Administrator by phone at: 800-797-0098 or 608-237-4898.