Welcoming Our Sisters Home

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Veronica's Voice

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Watercolor images of a woman being approached by a man in a car on the street. Images of a young girl dreaming of her older self. The young girl is then shown on the street with the man in the car and turns into the older woman. Words on the screen show their struggles and hopes and what Magdalene KC provides. Images show how Magdalene KC and Veronica's Voice can help them become who they want to be. "When we were young, we were just like you. Hopes, dreams, healthy, happy. But, some bad things happened in our lives. Homeless, poor, exploited, abused, addicted, uneducated, unemployed. We need just a little bit of help, so that we can thrive, not just survive. Magdalene KC will give us that help... Housing, counseling, job training, food, education. Thriving. Please Support Veronicas Voice. www.veronicasvoice.org, www.facebook.com/veronicasvoice."