Travis' Surprise

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The Ability Experience

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This is the story of Travis Carpenter, a young boy with physical disabilities whose experience with members of a Journey of Hope cycling team brought him and those he interacted with great joy and understanding of one another. It is an example of the kind of relationship building that takes place through Friendship Visits conducted by The Ability Experience on a regular basis. Through shared experiences, The Ability Experience seeks to celebrate the abilities of all people.

"My name is Travis Carpenter and I am from Salt Lake City, Utah and my connection is one of the groups passed by Salt Lake and they came to our church and they learned all about me. We like playing backyard football with each other. We learn about each other while we play it. We race on our bikes. We have lots of fun. They’re very friendly. And I surprised them for lunch. It felt pretty good to see them again. A lot of them were like happy and some of them were like shocked to see me. And some of them were crying.

Travis has been visited by over 200 Journey of Hope team members since 2013."