Service Dogs for Disabled Veterans - Chris' Story

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Paws Assisting Veterans

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Paws Assisting Veterans – CFC # 76362
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(Man walking outside, Chris)
(Man sitting on couch beside his Golden Retriever service dog, Chief, petting the dog) I got out of the military in September 2000 and then shortly after I started having after-effects of being (image of armed US soldiers in the Middle East) in combat, PTSD.
(Image of Chris talking into the camera) I spent close to from
(image of the front of a Veterans Affairs medical center) 2000 to 2008 I want to say,
(image of an hospital hallway lined with doors and chairs) just in a cycle in the
(Image of Chris talking into the camera) VA to try to get better.
(Image of the founder of PAVE, Michelle Nelson, walking a black lab service dog in-training though a hallway) And then we sent a letter, and Michelle, the leader of PAVE,
(Image of Chris talking into the camera) came out to my house and did an initial interview with me.
(Image of Golden Retriever service dog in-training smiling into the camera) From then on I started training with the dogs.
(Image of a medical professional looking at a brain scan on a computer monitor) The antipsychotics and the anti-depressants are
(Image of Chris talking into the camera) what the doctor eventually took me off of after I had Chief for close to four months.
(Image of multiple views of a brain scan on a computer monitor) Everything that that I've had an issue with from PTSD has slowly improved.
(Chris sitting on couch with Chief lying beside him while he pets the dog) I don't even know 100% if I would even still be here without him and it's kind of a sad thing to say but it was that bad until I got him.
(Chris and Chief sharing a kiss on the lips while sitting together on the couch)
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