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This is a video showing the effects of COVID-19 on Oklahomans facing food insecurity and how the Regional Food Bank has responded to the pandemic.
Video and background music begins:
CAPTION: In Oklahoma, one in six residents face food insecurity. That includes one in four children.
NARRATOR: “As soon as it started, we had to think very quickly on our feet. What does it look like for us to give food away safely? Because the need just skyrocketed.”
CAPTION: The impact of COVID-19 has increased the need for food assistance in Oklahoma by 30 percent.
NARRATOR: “We are in disaster mode. We went to this drive through model but the great part is we are still able to give them all the food that we were giving them before. We’ve been able to do almost 60 clients in an hour in order to get 70 pounds of groceries.
CAPTION: Skyler Parker, Food and Resource Center in Moore, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma (provides the voice of the NARRATOR)
NARRATOR: “As things reopen, we have to understand that we are not done with this hitting people in poverty for a long time. Take a single mother with kids for example, she looses her job for several months, how do you recover from that the next month? You don’t. A year or two from now when the need is still great we want to be able to be here serving people in the way we are serving people and serving them well.”
CAPTION: Your support is needed now more than ever. Designate contributions to 67922.
LOGOS: Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and Combined Federal Campaign
Background music and video end.