One Helping Hand Away

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United Way of Central Oklahoma

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[Video starts with an over shot of a neighborhood in Oklahoma City, followed by several depictions of people experiencing various forms of crisis and hardship. This is followed by several depictions of people receiving and delivering services, and many people smiling. The video ends with a picture of the United Way logo and the CFC logo, with the United Way of Central Oklahoma Designation Code listed and the words, "Please give today."]

[The transcript of the dialogue is as follows:]
Many Oklahomans are living one paycheck away from poverty.

One supper away from hunger.

One pill from dependence.

One loss from depression.

Or one bruise from abuse.

When crisis strikes, United Way is one helping hand away.

We know there’s not much that separates “holding it together” from “falling apart.” It can be a dangerously thin … and scary … line.

That’s why we fight so hard for the health, education, financial stability and quality of life of every person in our central Oklahoma community. Providing much-needed help … and hope.

We’ve long been the community partner you can count on, in times both ordinary and extraordinary.

Every donation makes a critical difference.

Every dollar matters ... for your community, your neighbors, your friends, your family. Please give today.