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The audio is pleasant music, with no dialogue. The video features different photos and videos of our animals and our staff during the coronavirus pandemic. There are photos of adoptions, photos in our shelters, and photos of empty cages. The video ends with photos of our Pets for Life team bringing resources to vulnerable communities and some additional video of our shelter animals.
COVID-19 has changed everything. LifeLine had to act fast to get hundreds of animals out of the shelters and into temporary foster homes. Our teams worked tirelessly until every animal who could be placed found a home. But, the work didn't stop there. Shelters that closed their doors in Georgia were going to euthanize animals. We couldn't let that happen. We brought them to our Community Animal Center. Many have already been adopted. Our officers and Pets for Life teams are still delivering runners, dog houses, straw and food to citizens needing help for their pets. The work hasn't stopped. The need is greater than ever. Help us save more lives today with your gift. Your donation today helps us prepare for the uncertainty we may have to face next and will provide a safety net for animals in need. Are You In?
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