Heartland Hope Mission: Who We Are

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Heartland Hope Mission

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Summary: An inside look at our food pantry
Video opens with CEO introducing herself and Heartland Hope Mission. The following scenes take you through a tour of the pantry: clients listening to an encouraging word as they wait to be served in the pantry, clients going through the pantry making their selections, and a client receiving meat.
Video cuts back to CEO explaining the process of meeting with Client Service. The next few shots are a wide view of the pantry shelves, a volunteer adding milk into a client's cart, meat counter selections, a closeup of tomato sauce, diapers, and a shot of clothes.
The final cut is the CEO explaining how Heartland Hope Mission is supported and how the viewer can become involved.

"Hi, I am Chelsea Salifou, CEO of Heartland Hope Mission. We're a faith- based organization that is more than a pantry. We're unique because we serve working poor families and families in a crisis situation. Many of the people coming through our doors have never had to ask for assistance before. So they're able to meet one on one with a client service specialist who works to surround them with all the services they need to get back on their feet. Families are then able to choose a week's supply of groceries which includes milk, frozen meat, and fresh produces along with canned and boxed goods. Families can also receive diapers, hygiene items and clothing at no cost. Heartland Hope Mission is supported by the generosity of local businesses, individuals, and churches. If you would like to donate, volunteer, or would like more information, visit HeartlandHopeMission.org."