Global Dog Campaign, WellBeing International and AHPPA - Animal Shelter, Costa Rica

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Tour of AHPPA animal shelter in Costa Rica with captions, highlighting the services provided and featuring their special clients.


An estimated one billion dogs share our world, about half of whom live on the streets.

A growing number of local animal organizations around the world are presently providing direct care for both street and owned dogs, including sterilization and vaccination.

Yet millions of dogs still receive no care or support. We can do better.

WellBeing International launched the Global Dog Campaign to end street dog hardship and homelessness across the world through partnering with organizations.

WBI is working with a select number of organizations, like AHPPA in Costa Rica, at the outset of the campaign to provide them with access to important expertise and sophisticated software tools to track the impact of their work..

Since 1991, Costa Rica-based AHPPA has provided veterinary care and rescue for animals.

AHPPA has used the Global Dog Campaign’s tools to discover that their work is having an impact. Street dog count is down and more owned dogs sleep inside.

We are proud to partner with AHPPA in their quest to improve the well-being of dogs and their communities.