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Audio: Only music throughout video. No voice over at all.

Action: blue and yellow graphics behind images and quotes from the Children’s Cancer Cause 2020 College Scholars.

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Introduction slide: Introducing the 2020 Class of our College Scholars Program! Meet the inspiring childhood cancer survivors receiving academic scholarships. Also included is the Children’s Cancer Cause logo. Blue popup box says “Congrats!”

Slide 2: Abby, diagnosed with leukemia at 15, plans to become a pediatric oncology nurse. “I want to give back and help other children fight cancer.” Also includes photo of Abby and blue/yellow graphics.

Slide 3: Kaili had Hodgkin’s at 12. Now she champions social justice and healthcare reform. Also includes photo of Kaili and blue/yellow graphics.

Slide 4: Ryan, diagnosed at 5 with a brain tumor, is motivated by a passion for sports. “I focus on what I can do and do it the best I can. I am a fighter!” Also includes photo of Ryan and blue/yellow graphics.

Slide 5: Sequoia, diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 15, receives chemo at college. “Pediatric oncology is not just smiling bald kids. Teens get cancer, too!” Also includes photo of Sequoia and blue/yellow graphics.

Slide 6: Patrick is a SEVEN TIME cancer survivor! “I want people to know that the fight isn’t over once you’re declared cancer-free.” Also includes photo of Patrick and blue/yellow graphics.

Slide 7: “My experiences taught me the power of advocacy.” – Meaghan, Hodgkin’s survivor. Also includes photo of Meaghan and blue/yellow graphics.

Side 8: Michael, diagnosed with Ewing’s at 14 & 17, was given a 15% chance of survivor. “Even if I just live a few more years, I want to make them count.” Also includes photo of Michael and blue/yellow graphics.

Slide 9: Learn more about the survivors and their plans for creating positive change: