Caring In Action with CASA of Madison County

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CASA of Madison County

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{Video opens with CASA of Madison County logo celebrating 40 years then spins and fades to Mr. Billy Moon, CASA Client - Ramp Recipient sitting in his home.} Last year I was in a wheelchair for a while. {Image of steps for Mr. Moon's home.} It was kind of rough trying to get up and down the steps and trying to keep my balance from falling just going down them. {Fades back to Mr. Moon.}Found out about CASA that they help elderly people. {Showing image of volunteers working to build the ramp for Mr. Moon.} CASA put in a ramp and it's really helped me. {Back to Mr. Moon sitting in his home.} It's just so much easier for me to get up and down now. If it wasn't for the donors and the donations from them helping CASA, we wouldn't be able to get the materials. {Fades to another picture of other volunteers working on building the wheelchair ramp.} And the volunteers are fantastic. They were awesome on building the ramp. I’ve never seen such a group work together {Fades back to Mr. Moon} and they were so friendly I stayed out there and talked to them the whole time. {Picture of the volunteer group on the finished wheelchair ramp.} {Back to Mr. Moon sitting in his home.} Call and they'll see what they can do to help you get a ramp. {Ariel footage of Mr. Moon's home with the newly built CASA wheelchair ramp.} I just appreciate CASA so much for the ramp. {Back to Mr. Moon sitting in his home.} I can go outside and go in the yard without worrying about falling and we thank them with our heart. {CASA logo appears with credits of Music: "Together" written by Adrian Dominic Walther, performed by Moments, licensed from Video: Copyright 2020 Byrd's Loft Films -}