Calvary Women's Services Overview - CFC #76863

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Calvary Women's Services

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Physical description: A young bearded white man sits in front of a brick wall and bookshelf. He is wearing a maroon shirt with the Calvary Women's Services heart logo in the corner.

Audio Transcript: Hello. My name is David, and I work with Calvary Women’s Services, CFC# 76863. The CFC is one of our strongest group of supporters and we’re grateful you’re taking the time to watch and learn about our programs.
Calvary empowers homeless women in Washington DC, to transform their lives through housing, health, education, and employment programs. In our programs, each woman identifies and builds on her own strengths in order to meet her goals of safe housing, good health, and financial independence.
Now more than ever, your support is essential. We are spending an extra $1,000/day on additional meals and enhanced cleaning procedures to make sure we can keep our clients and staff safe.
Despite the devastating setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still seeing women make incredible strides and reach their goals. Women are getting back to work and we have maintained our high success rate of 70% of women who complete our programs end their homelessness.
With your support, we will continue to provide our life-saving services to the women who need it most. Your donation of $17.50/week could provide a full year of healthy dinners for one woman working to end her homelessness.
Thank you for considering supporting Calvary!