Aloha Harvest for CFC 2020

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Aloha Harvest

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Aloha Harvest is the largest food rescue organization in Hawai`i, serving our community for the past 21 years by rescuing & redistributing over 25 million pounds of food during that time.
Globally, about a third of the food we produce gets wasted. If we were to rescue and redistribute all that food, we’d have enough to feed the world’s hungry twice over. That’s the idea behind food rescue.
Our rescued food comes from a network of 250+ grocery stores, wholesale distributors, and restaurants, and goes to 175+ agencies feeding the hungry. We provide this service 7 days a week, free of charge.
In Hawai`i, 1 in 5 people rely on food pantries for assistance, yet 26% of our annual food supply is wasted. Now is the time to invest in solutions that will move us toward a resilient, sustainable food system. Aloha Harvest has a vision of how much more we can do, and we hope you see it too. Get involved at!